Summer Of Code Project : Bandwidth Limiter For Apache Pagina en Espaņol English Page

   Welcome to the Homepage of my Project. Summer Of Code : Bandwidth Mod.
At this page i'll put all the info related to my work. How it works, how is written, and full source with documentation. In english and spanish.

Bandwidth Mod v0.7
Project Information
Developer : Ivan Barrera A.
Location: Santiago, Chile.
Mentoring Organization: Apache Software Foundation
Mentors : Ian Holsman, Paul Querna
Project : httpd-mod-bandwidth-limit

Details :
The httpd web server doesn't really have a way to control how much
resources a given virtual host can have/ a user can request.
This module should be able to limit access to certain areas
of the website and to limit mailicious users

Thanks goes for all the Google and Apache Team.
Special Thanks for Chris Dibona at Google, and Ian Holsman at Apache, who created and helped me and everyone on this great chance at the Summer Of Code.